The purematter Case Study

Their Story:

A leading software enterprise company partnered with PureMatter, an award winning Silicon Valley agency specializing in human to human marketing, to create buzz for a new product launch with a content marketing campaign.


The company aimed to get quality authentic content created by influential bloggers in their industry. Rather than creating their own content, getting outsider industry-authoritative figures to write about the company is a whole new ballpark, with far greater value.


PureMatter worked with Klear to identify just the right influencers. Using Klear, the PureMatter team was able to very quickly generate a list of the most prominent influencers within the company’s industry, and narrow it down by amplification potential and relevancy. With very little time invested in research, Klear helped the PureMatter team not only to find the right influencers to focus on, but also to learn everything they needed to know about each individual. Granular metrics that were considered included: How powerful are they and in which niche, who’s their audience, what content resonates with their audience, and most importantly – how authentic are they and which figures are amongst their closest network. With that they could: (1) justify the selection to the company and (2) be confident that the outreach is effective.


Using information gathered through Klear, the PureMatter team personalized the outreach to each influencer, resulting in 65% outreach conversion, and 100% authentic quality content created and amplified by industry leaders.

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