People Trust Influencers, Not Ads.

Klear is a social intelligence platform that helps brands do smarter marketing

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Social media listening and analytics, made simple. Track your landscape and develop your strategy.

Influencer Search

Find Influencers in any skill, location in the world. Covering 500M profiles across all networks.

Social Profiles

Analyze any social user for smart qualification, and manage relationships with private lists.
เรียนรู้ว่า Klear สามารถทำอะไรให้คุณได้บ้าง
ภาพถ่ายหน้าจอ, คำอธิบายคุณสมบัติ, กรณีการใช้และอื่นๆ
Rand Fishkin
ผู้ก่อตั้งของ Moz
Klear is one of the most impressive social media software efforts I've seen. From the intuitive interface to the powerful tools, the Klear team has built something every professional social marketer will find invaluable.
Gladys Diaz
Marketing Manager at Unilever
Klear is a user friendly tool with insightful data and a very helpful team! We used it to identify, interact and measure relevant influencers and were very happy with the results.
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